Children of Deep Impact

Children of Deep Impact who won in GI and Graded Races Overseas 2

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Continuing from the previous article, I would like to introduce children of Deep Impact who won the world’s GI and graded races today.

Children of Deep Impact who won in GI and Graded Races Overseas Today, I would like to introduce children of Deep Impact who hav...
Children of Deep Impact who won in GI and Graded Races Overseas 3 Today, I would like to introduce children of Deep Impact who won...
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Countries and places where children of Deep Impact won graded races

First, I will show you a list of countries where his children have won graded races.

List of the places
  1. Ireland
  2. United Kingdom
  3. France
  4. Dubai
  5. Hong Kong
  6. Japan
  7. Australia
  8. United States

As I said last time, in short, they are the places where big races overseas are held.

Children of Deep Impact who won big races overseas

The following is a list of children of Deep Impact who have won the world’s GI and graded races as of October 19, 2023.

28 children of Deep Impact won GI and graded races overseas

9 foreign horses

5 GI winners  

Study of Man, Beauty Parlour, Fancy Blue, Profondo

Auguste Rodin

4 winners in a graded race

Bartaba, Harajuku, Drumroll, Muramasa

19 Japanese horses

13 GI winners 

Vivlos, A Shin Hikari, Glory Vase, Saxon Warrior

Gentildonna, Tosen Stardom, Fierce Impact

Real Impact, Real Steel, Loves Only You,

Snowfall, Shahryar, Glint Of Hope

6 winners in graded races

Akihiro (renamed Stimulation), Aquamarine, Kizuna, Geniale, Savarin, Makahiki

This time, I would like to introduce Japanese horses who have run in races overseas mainly.

First of all, from GI horses.

Japanese horses that have run in foreign countries mainly

The mark 👑 in front of names shows that the horses are winners of GⅠ races overseas.

👑 Saxon Warrior (JPN)


Races he won: 2000 Guineas 2018 (GⅠ) in the U.K.

Racing Post Trophy Stakes 2017 (GⅠ) in England, Juddmonte Beresford Stakes 2017 (GⅡ)in Ireland

Saxon Warrior is also one of the horses that has raised Deep Impact in the esteem of the world.

Like Fancy Blue, he is a horse produced by Coolmore, one of the world’s leading thoroughbred business groups.

He was born in Northern Farm in Abira-cho, Hokkaido and moved to Ireland  later.

Children of Deep Impact had a good track record in France, but I think it was significant that he won big races in England as well.

And it was a Classic race.

After winning the 2000 Guineas, he ran in big races in England and Ireland.

He couldn’t win, but I think he was excellent because he finished in top places.

After the 2000 Guineas, he ran in middle-distance races of 2,000m to 2,400m.

However, looking at the results, a one mile race may have been more suitable for him.

Trainer Aidan O’Brien also said that when Saxon Warrior retired.

Saxon Warrior was forced to retire at the age of three in 2018 due to a leg problem.

After retiring, he became a stallion at the Coolmore Stud.

His first crop has been listed on sales in various places, and they have received high evaluations.

From now on, I hope that he will raise his sire’s reputation as a stallion.

Stallions by Deep Impact standing at studs in countries outside Japan Today, I am going to do a very difficult thing for me. I am p...


👑 Fierce Impact (JPN)


Received the 2019/20 Champion Middle Distance Horse of the Year award.

(Australia. Regal Power also received the prize.)

Races he won: Makybe Diva Stakes 2020 (GⅠ)

Toorak Handicap 2019 (GⅠ) and Kennedy Cantala 2019 (GⅠ)

Summer Cup 2018

This is the first time I’ve covered him in this blog, so I’ll write his profile.

Fierce Impact

March 6, 2014

Sire: Deep Impact (JPN) Dam: Keiai Gerbera (JPN)

Dam’s sire: Smarty Jones (USA)

Owners: Seymour Bloodstock, Denns Racing Et Al

Trainer: Matthew A Smith

Record as of December 28, 2020 (including races in England)

29 starts for 6 wins

Fierce Impact is a full brother to Keiai Nautique, who won the NHK Mile Cup, and Keiai Shelby, who won his maiden two days ago.

↓ Do they resemble each other?


There is another full brother to them. He was born in 2019 and has not made his debut yet.

Fierce Impact made his debut in England.

After winning his maiden, he couldn’t win and moved to Australia.

I think it was good for him to move to the country.

At the age of four, he won a GIII race and two GI races in the following year.

In recognition of this achievement, along with Legal Power, he was commended as the best middle-distance horse of the 2019/2020 season.

He became 6 years old this year and won another GI race, the Makybe Diva Stakes.

He has well for a long time.

Looking at his success in Australia,  I think it might be too early that his initial owner in England sold him at the age of 3.

He could not possibly win then just because he had not grown enough.

Fierce Impact continues to be active as a racehorse.

However, I think he will retire in the not too distant time and become a stallion.

I hope he will stay healthy and continue to do his best.

*Added on April 23, 2021

The other day, it was announced that Fierce Impact retired and became a stallion.

Please read Stallions by Deep Impact standing at studs in countries outside Japan 3 for details.

Stimulation (JPN) (Former name: Akihiro)


Race he won: Prix des Chenes 2016 (GⅢ) in France



Born on February 21, 2014

Sire: Deep Impact (JPN) Dam: Baahama (IRE)

Dam’s sire: Anabaa (USA)

Owner: Exors Of The Estate Of The Late Hui Sai Fun

Trainer: A S Cruz

Record as of December 28, 2020 (including races in France)

34 starts for 4 wins

Stimulation is a full brother to Bartaba who I introduced last time.

He made his debut in France and achieved a record of 6 starts and 3 wins, including a graded race, the Prix des Chenes.

After that, he was sold to a horse owner in Hong Kong, changed his name from Akihiro to Stimulation, and is running there.

Since moving to Hong Kong, he ran in 28 races, 1 win and 2nd place in two races.

To be honest, I wonder if his record was better when he was in France.

Even so, in a race two days ago, he was ridden by Jockey Soumillon and was in second place.

He is 6 years old now, but I hope he will continue to do his best.

Aquamarine (JPN)

Race she won: Prix Allez France 2012 (GⅢ)


Born on March 26, 2008

Sire: Deep Impact (JPN) Dam: Angelita (IRE)

Dam’s sire: Alzao (USA)

Owner: Ecurie Wildenstein

Trainer: M Delzangles

Lifetime record: 10 starts for 3 wins

As I wrote in the following article on Beauty Parlour, her owner is the Wildenstein family.

The owners also had Barocci and Beauty Parlour, the full brother and sister.

Beauty Parlour - Memories of Children of Deep Impact 13 Fancy Blue won the French Oaks Last month. She also won the next ...

Aquamarine is in the same generation with Barocci, and is among the first crop of Deep Impact.

She made her debut in June when she was three years old, and at the age of four she won the Prix Allez France (GIII).

An article written by horse racing writer Satoshi Hiramatsu mentioned Aquamarine.

He said that Jockey Yutaka Take was watching the race where Aquamarine won his second victory at the age of three.

Watching the race, the jockey said,

Deep Impact is really outstanding.

If his children inherit that blood,

I think there will be the ones who can win in races all over the world.

Furthermore, He said to the writer, who was concerned about their suitability for heavy turf in Europe:

If we run with athletes who are at the level of going to the Olympics,

we can’t compete even on concrete or on sandy beaches, not on the stadium.

I think that’s what it is.

If there is an overwhelming level difference, you can run wherever you go.

I think Deep Impact is a horse who makes us feel that possibility.

The correctness of the word was proved by the success of his children later.

Aquamarine retired at the age of four and became a broodmare.

So far, she has given birth to three horses.

All Rumours by Shamardal who became 4 years old this year has won three wins.

Ultramarine by Siyouni, a three-years-old filly has two wins.

I wonder if Aquamarine is in France now.

I hope that she will stay healthy and continue to  send out good children.

Savarin (JPN)

Races she won: Prix d’Aumale 2019 (GⅢ) in France


Born on February 16, 2017

Sire: Deep Impact (JPN) Dam: Sarafina (FR)

Dam’s sire: Refuse to bend (IRE)

Owner: Masaaki Matsushima

Trainer: A Fabre

Lifetime record: 4 starts for 2 wins

Her dam, Sarafina, is a famous mare who won three GIs (the Prix Saint-Alary, the Prix de Diane and the Grand Prix de Saint-Cloud).

After retiring, she came to Japan and became a broodmare.

Savarin has full brothers, Geniale and Go Timing.

She made his debut at the age of two and won the GIII Prix d’Aumale in her second race.

In the next race, Jockey Yutaka Take rode her and participated in the Prix Marcel Boussac (GⅠ). Unfortunately she finished in 7th place.

The owner is Masaaki Matsushima, who is familiar with the name of Kiefers.

According to their website, Savarin is a horse co-owned by Teruya Yoshida, a representative of Shadai Farm.

Unfortunately, it seemed to be decided that she would retire at the age of three.

She will visit Le Havre in the first year as a broodmare. Does it mean she will stay in France?

It was a short time that she ran as a racehorse.

However, since she is a horse with a good pedigree, I would like to expect her to succeed as a dam.

👑Snowfall (JPN)

Another winner in a group race was born.

Musidora Stakes (GⅢ) was held at York Racecourse in England on May 12th.

Snowfall by Deep Impact has won the race!

This is the first time to introduce her on this blog, so I will write her profile.

Cartier Racing Award Three-year-old Filly of the Year 2021

Race she won: The British Oaks (GI), Yorkshire Oaks (GI) and Musidora Stakes 2021 (GⅢ) in the U.K. The Ireland Oaks (GI)


Born on February 9, 2018

Sire: Deep Impact (JPN) Dam: Best In the World (IRE)

Dam’s sire: Galileo (IRE)

Owner: Derrick Smith & Mrs John Magnier & Michael Tabor

Trainer: Aidan P O’Brien

Lifetime record: 15 starts for 5 wins

Her dam, Best In the World is a mare by Galileo.

Harajuku who recently won a graded race and is expected to run well in Classic races like Snowfall also has Galileo as her dam’s sire.

Does it mean that Galileo’s blood is indispensable to succeed in European classic races?

The dam’s sire of Saxon Warrior was also Galileo.

The full sister of Snowfall’s dam is Found.

Found is one year older than the dam and a famous mare who won the 2016 Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe.

Makahiki traveled from Japan and participated in the race then.

Snowfall debuted at the age of two and won her third race.

He then ran in four graded races, but couldn’t make it to the top.

What’s more, in her last race at the age of two, the Fillies’ Mile (GI), she was mistaken for a filly belonging to the same stable, Mother Earth.

They were wearing wrong saddlecloths.

Mother Earth actually finished third and Snowfall was 8th.

However, it was thought that Snowfall was third right after the race.

It seems that it was a mistake made because the stable staff who usually accompanies could not do so.

It was due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection.

Trainer O’Brien paid a fine after the race.

Most of the races in which Snowfall ran at the age of 2 were 1400m.

So, I think the distance was too short for her.

Looking at her dam’s race record, she only ran races over 1600m.

She won a 2400m GⅢ race at the age of three.

When I learned that Snowfall was going to run in a 2100m race, I was hoping that she would get better results than ever before.

Then she won the race! I was very happy.

From now on, she will run in Oaks races in England and Ireland.

I look forward to her success in Classic races with Harajuku in France.

*Added on June 20, 2021

Snowfall won an overwhelming victory in the British Oaks held on June 4th!

Click here for details.

She also won the Ireland Oaks impressively on July 17th.  Click here for details.

*Added on January 16, 2022

The other day, sad news came in that Snowfall had left for heaven.

Please read the details here.


👑Glint Of Hope (JPN)

*Added on May 3, 2022

Race she won: Australasian Oaks 2022(GⅠ) in Australia

Glint Of Hope

Born on August 2, 2018

Sire: Deep Impact (JPN) Dam: Sacred Sight (GB)

Dam’s sire: Fastnet Rock (AUS)

Owner: Kazutaka Hosaka

Trainers: Trent Busuttin & Natalie Young

Lifetime record as of May 3, 2022: 9 starts for 2 wins

Good news from Australia!

Glint Of Hope won the Australasian Oaks (GI)🎉

Glint Of Hope debuted last August.

Her first victory was in a maiden race this March.

She has run in nine races so far.

Solid results were achieved with two wins, three seconds and three thirds.

A GI race, the Kennedy Oaks which she ran last November is the only race that she could not come to top places.

She finished 7th in the 2500m race.

According to her trainer, her body was not yet fully grown at that time.

Glint Of Hope wasn’t able to win despite her solid results.

However, in the Australasian Oaks, also thanks to a good ride by the jockey that ran inside, she won brilliantly.

Australia has had a lot of rain this fall season and the grounds have become worse.

Profondo, a colt by Deep Impact who I had expected was affected by the condition of racetracks.

He went to rest without being able to fully demonstrate his abilities.

I was disappointed, but I am very happy with this good news.

Glint Of Hope is a horse born in Japan and listed on a yearling sale in Australia.

The buyer is a stud in Japan and her owner is also Japanese.

In addition, her dam belonged to the Kunieda Sakae stable in the country when she was active.

She couldn’t win and retired at the age of three.

Glint Of Hope has a deep connection with Japan.

Her trainer and jockey said that her body was not fully grown at this point.

They added that there was plenty of room for improvement.

I hope that she will not overdo it until her growth is over, and that she will continue to do well.


Looking at the horses I introduced, I’m glad that there are quite a few horses whose brothers and sisters also succeeded.

Next time, I will introduce the horses that ran in Japan mainly and have won overseas races.


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Number of winners of grade races overseas by Deep Impact has reached 20! 


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