Children of Deep Impact

Stallions by Deep Impact standing at studs in countries outside Japan2

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I’ll write another post about stallions by Deep Impact today.

As you can find in the previous article, below is a list of the countries that stallions by Deep Impact are standing in.

Stallions by Deep Impact

As of April 27, 2023  16 countries 24 sires (except shuttle stallions)

1. Sweden:  Barocci, Geniale (Moved to Italy in October 2022)

2. United Kingdom: Study of Man

3. Ireland: Saxon Warrior, Tosen Stardom

4. France: Martinborough, Keiai Nautique

5. Italy: Albert Dock, Geniale

6. Turkey: Smart Robin, Satono Ares

7. South Africa: Danon Platina

8. India: Fiero, Satono Impresa

9. Indonesia: Lord Langley

10. China: Okole Maluna, Garibaldi, Seewind

11. Australia: Tosen Stardom (Moved to Ireland in December, 2022), Fierce Impact

12. New Zealand: Staphanos, Profondo    

13. US: Dowsing

14. Chile: Hiraboku Deep

15. Argentina: Satono Flag

16. Brazil: Vin de Garde


Today I would like to start the introduction with Smart Robin in Turkey.

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First, I introduce you to Smart Robin who is in Turkey.

Smart Robin

The following is his profile.

Smart Robin

Born on March 5, 2008

Sire: Deep Impact (JPN) Dam: Keyboogie (USA)

Dam’s sire: Lyphard (USA)

Smart Robin is now very active as a stallion in Turkey.

News of the success of his children is frequently posted on Twitter.

His two colts also participated in this year’s Turkish Derby.

Unfortunately, they couldn’t win.

But I think it became an opportunity to show the value of Smart Robin to breeders.

Speaking of him, the first thing I remember was that he was the first colt by Deep Impact who Jockey Yutaka Take rode.

He is one of the first crop by the great stallion.

The jockey had been forced to stop riding horses for some time due to an injury caused by a fall accident in March 2010.

He returned in October of the same year.

2010 was the year when the first crop by Deep Impact debuted, but it wasn’t until October that the jockey was able to ride his children.

Smart Robin made his debut in September 2010 and finished second.

Yutaka rode him in the next race, but unfortunately at this time as well, he was in second place.

He won in the next race, ridden by Hiroyuki Uchida.

He was unable to run in Classic races, although participated in prep races.

He finally won a grade race,  the Meguro Kinen (Group 2) at the age of four.

I remember the day well. This is because Japanese Derby was also held then, and Deep Brillante won.

He was the first winner of Japanese Derby by Deep Impact.

I was very happy just to win the Derby.

But his colt got the result in the grade race after that and I was deeply moved.

The Megro Kinen was the only grade race that he won.

But with a good record of 17 starts for 6 wins, he ran his last race in August 2013 and retired.

After retiring, he stood at stud for two years in Japan.

Then, it was decided that he moved to Turkey.

I didn’t know about horse racing in Turkey at all, so I was a little worried.

However,  I am very happy to know that he is playing an active role as a stallion there.

Turkish Bloodstock owns him now.

They are an investment company related to horse racing and thoroughbreds that operates in Turkey, Italy, France and the United States.

When Danon Ballade was in Europe before, he was also owned by the company.

There is a Twitter account dedicated to Smart Robin, so you can see his latest status.


*Added on December 7, 2023

Jawinger by Smart Robin, a 5-year-old gelding won in a dirt GIII race on December 2.

The race was held at Adana Racecourse in Turkey.

He caught up with the leading horse just before the finish line and took the win!

Jawinger won the same race last year and has recorded five consecutive wins.

He became the first horse by the sire to win in two group races.

Smart Robin has other two group winners, Coach and Repair Man.

Repair Man also placed second in the GI race this year.

Two other horses finished second in the highest rank races.

I’m looking forward to seeing victories of offspring of Smart Robin in GI races someday.

Stud Fee

2021  15,000 TRY (Turkish Lira)

2022  10,000 TRY

2023  30,000 TRY

2024  75,000 TRY

His stud fee will increase significantly in 2024 as well.

There are several offspring who have won group races.

So I think the increase is based on their track record.

There are various conditions for discounts.

However, even with the discount, it looks like the amount will be higher than last year’s stud fee.


*Added on January 1, 2023

Smart Robin was eighth in last year’s thoroughbred sire ranking in Turkey.

With 122 wins from his offspring, he is ranked 4th in the number of wins.

If they win a few more big races, a rank up can be expected.

His first crop in Turkey was born in 2017 and turned 6 years old this year.

I wish him all the best in his future endeavors.

Satono Ares

*Added on January 1, 2023

Big news came in the new year of 2023.

Satono Ares, who was a stallion in Japan, will transfer to Turkey.

First, let me introduce his profile.

Satono Ares

Born on February 25, 2014

Sire Deep Impact (JPN) Dam: Satono Amazones (IRE)

Dam’s sire  Danehill (USA)

Satono Ares debuted in August 2016.

It was the third maiden race that he won in the following month.

He won the Asahi Hai Futurity Stakes (GI) and was named the best 2-year-old colt in the year.

He also ran in classic races the following year, but was unable to win a graded race after the age of three.

He was scheduled to run in the Keio Cup Spring Cup in May 2019.

However, after entering the race track, he was excluded from the race.

After this race, he retired.

Then, Satono Ares became a stallion at the Breeders Stallion Station.

He has two crops born in 2021 and 2022.

It was recently announced that he would be moving to Turkey.

While Smart Robin was in a private stud, Satono Ares was introduced via the Turkish Jockey Club.

The club is a non-profit horse racing association approved by the Turkish Cabinet.

I think it is an organization like JRA in Japan.

The club has several locations in the country where stallions are.

Satono Ares will stand at Karacabey Pansiyon Hara’da(Karacabey Boarding Stud Farm) in Bursa.

The association has so far introduced stallions such as Victoire Pisa and Kluger from Japan.

There are many days when horse racing is held in Turkey.

The number of horses produced seems to be large.

I think Satono Ares got a new chance in the new world.

I hope he will continue to do his best in good health.

Stud Fee

2023   40,000 TRY

2024 70,000 TRY

South Africa

Danon Platina is standing at stud in South Africa.

Danon Platina

Born on March 23, 2012

Sire: Deep Impact (JPN) Dam: Badeelah (USA)

Dam’s sire: Unbridled’s Song (USA)

Speaking of Danon Platina, I was impressed by the strong victory in the Asahi Hai Futurity Stakes (Group 1) in 2014.

Unfortunately, his feet were a little weak and he had a long rest, so I don’t think he could participate in all the races he wanted to run.

Even so, he ran his last race in February 2018 and retired with a record of 15 starts for 5 wins.

It was announced that he would become a stallion in South Africa after his retirement.

He is standing in the Mauritzfontein stud now.

I couldn’t see their website, so I posted their Twitter account. I don’t know his stud fee either.

Breeders in the country seem to have high expectations for him as he is a stallion by Deep Impact.

According to the following article of Nikkan Sports newspaper, more than 100 mares have visited him since he became a stallion last year.

I heard there was also a triple-tiara horse among them.

I have talked with a South African breeder before.

I heard that they had been negotiating with Shadai Group for a long time to introduce Japanese stallions to their country.

I hope that Danon Platina will meet their expectations and will be loved for a long time.

*Added on December 10, 2020 

When I first wrote this article, I couldn’t see the stud’s website, but now I can.

His photos show that his hair becomes quite white.

Stud Fee

2020, 2021 45,000 ZAR

2022, 2023 30,000 ZAR

2024 45,000 ZAR


*Added on January 9, 2023

It is the long-awaited first victory of offspring by Danon platina

Romance In Rome, a 2-year-old colt, won his third race.

It was a 1000m race at Greyville Racecourse.

Romance In Rome is the Danon Platina colt who debuted first.

Eight horses by the sire including him have debuted.

There are other horses that have come to the top, so I’m looking forward to their future.


In November 2022, it was announced that Satono Impresa, who was a stallion in Japan, would transfer to India.

India now has two sires by Deep Impact.


Let’s start with Fiero.


Born on March 14, 2009

Sire: Deep Impact (JPN) Dam: Ruby (IRE)

Dam’s sire: Danehill (USA)

Fiero is one of the second crop by Deep Impact.

He is in the same generation with Deep Brillante and Gentildonna.

He won a maiden race in July 2012.

After that, there were some regrettable races, with 2nd place in two Group 1 races and 2nd place in two Group 2 races.

But, unfortunately he couldn’t win a graded race.

He ran his last race in April 2017 and retired.

Initially, it was reported that he would become a private stallion of Shadai Farm for their mares.

However, at the end of January 2018, it was announced that he would become a stallion in India and moved to the country.


However, the information on their website seems to be a little old, so I do not know his stud fee.

It’s a very beautiful website.

Will more information come out if his children debut and succeed?

Until then, I hope that he will be fine and do his best.

*Added on December 19, 2021

There was a person on Twitter yesterday who told that three 2-year-old horses by Fiero were registered as racehorses.

I researched the details and found an article on an Indian racing portal,, introducing new stallions.

It is dated August 11, 2021.

According to the article, there are 23 foals by Fiero in his first crop who was born in 2019.

The writer says it’s an adequate number to start as a stallion.

In his second year, 52 mares visited him and 34 foals were born in 2020.

It is the largest number of foals among stallions who made their debut in the same year.

He also said that Fiero would “get good mares to cover and a lot of his progeny will be raced by Mr. Shapoor Mistry in his own colours”.

Mr. Shapoor Mistry is the owner of the stud where Fiero is standing.

I don’t know anything about horse production in India.

But I wonder if there are many horses who are produced by owners of stallion studs.

Fiero is said to be one of the main contenders for the Champion Freshman Sire, but an Irish horse named Sanus Per Aquam seems to be a tough rival.

I hope he can be the Freshman Sire.

This article is solid and easy to read.

A Japanese stallion that was (is) active in India is also introduced: Hakuchikara and Win Legend.

Moreover, Fiero’s career and a great influence of Deep Impact as a stallion are explained.

The writer also mentioned the situation of Manjri Stud, where Fiero was now  standing.

A stallion called Strong Suit passed away in the middle of the 2019 covering season, and they were in trouble.

However, the crisis seemed to be avoided because Fiero had already been introduced as a stallion.

It turned out that the information on their website was not new because the information on Strong Suit was not reflected.

Fiero’s name does not appear either, so I wondered if he was not in the stud anymore💦


*Added on May 29, 2022

The Nilgiris Derby Stakes (GI, 1600m) was held on May 26th at Ooty Racecourse in India.

QUEEN SPIRIT, a 3-year-old filly by Fiero, won the race🎉

This is the first victory of Fiero’s children in group and GI races.

Races named “Derby” are held in various parts of India.

Nilgiris Derby is also a “derby”.

Fiero is the first stallion by Deep Impact whose child won the Derby.

However, the situation is different depending on the country.

I’m wondering if it’s okay to say so.

Looking at the race card, not only colts but also fillies participated in the race.

QUEEN SPIRIT ran in the previous Nilgiris 1000 Guineas, but unfortunately she finished 3rd.

It doesn’t seems that she was popular this time.

It’s been about four months since a filly by Fiero won the first victory.

It’s a nice surprise to win GI so quickly.

Even so, Indian people don’t mention the winner’s sire, Fiero very much💧

Please also pay attention to the sire (laughs).


*Added on November 12, 2022

There was an article about the Indian freshman sire ranking for 2021-2022.

Fiero came second out of six stallions debuting this year.

The number of starters is 15.  5 winners.  8 wins.  The AE Index was 1.22.

The writer of this article said,

Fiero, the first son of Deep Impact to stand in India, did not quite start as well as envisaged. 

He also added,

His next three crops are bigger in size and he could be seen in a better light.

Fiero’s stallion life has just begun.  From now on.

I hope he will continue to do well and do his best.

Satono Impresa

I introduce you to Satono Impresa, who will be active as a stallion in India from 2023.

Satono Impresa

Born on March 14, 2009

Sire: Deep Impact (JPN) Dam: Sahpresa (USA)

Dam’s sire: Sahm (USA)

Satono Impresa won 3 out of 9 races.

He won a maiden race in October 2019 and achieved a group race victory in the 2020 Mainichi Hai (GIII).

After that, unfortunately he could not win, and retired at the age of 4 after the Tokyo Shimbun Hai in February 2021.

After retiring, he became a private stallion at Shadai Bluegrass Farm.

After working as a stallion in Japan for a year, it was announced that he would move to India in November 2022.

He will stand at POONAWALLA STUD FARMS in Pune, Maharashtra.

Manjri Stud where Fiero is located is also in Pune city.

According to Google Maps, the two farms were only about 4km apart (about 15 minutes by car).

Information on Satono Impresa has been posted on the Poonwalla Stud Farms website.

Looking at their site, the farm seems to have a very successful track record.

Progeny of their stallions such as EXCELLENT ART and RODERIC O’CONNOR are often seen in races in India.

I hope Satono Impresa gets enough support too.

His stud fee will be added here once I get the information.


There is Lord Langley in Indonesia.

First of all, let me introduce you to his profile.

Lord Langley

Born on March 19, 2011

Sire: Deep Impact (JPN) Dam: Loves Only Me (USA)

Dam’s sire: Storm Cat (USA)

He is a full brother to Real Steel and Loves Only You.

For the two horses, please see the article below.

Children of Deep Impact who won in GI and Graded Races Overseas 4 So far, I have introduced children of Deep Impact who have won t...

Lord Langley won his debut race in February 2013.

He entered the open class and participated in group races.

However, unfortunately he was not able to win the races.

After the Yonago Stakes in June 2018, he moved to Australia at the age of seven.

There was already a horse named Langley in the country.

So, he changed his name to Lord Langley.

He ran in one race there but was unable to get a good result.

He retired after the race.

After retiring, he moved to Indonesia to become a stallion.

He is also listed in the Indonesian Stud Book.

And so far, one offspring has been confirmed.

This is Kalisha Asmara, a filly born in September 2021.

Her dam, Princess Asmara, is the offspring of a thoroughbred stallion and what appears to be a native Indonesian mare.

Because of this, Kalisha Asmara doesn’t seem to be a pure thoroughbred either.

I believe that Lord Langley is in at a stud in Bogor Regency, West Java.

I won’t write the name of the stud because I couldn’t confirm it.

It is difficult to obtain information on horse racing in Indonesia.

However, I will add the information once it is confirmed.


*Added on May 4, 2024

Duke Tonsea, a 3 year old colt by Lord Langley, won on April 28th!

The 1000m race was held at Sultan Agung Stadium, a multipurpose stadium in Bantul, Indonesia.

I think it’s his first win, but I may have missed out on his wins in other races.

At present, there are four horses registered in the Indonesian Stud Book as sired by Lord Langley.

None of them are purebreds as their dams were native breeds.

Last June, Belissima Tonsea, a then three-year-old filly, won.

Another horse was in second place. I think the remaining one is not running.

Both are fillies that are 3 years old this year.

The offspring born after 2022 have not yet been registered, but I want to see more offspring in the future.

I also hope Lord Langley stays healthy for a long time.


I recently learned that there are stallions by Deep Impact in mainland China (I wrote this section in August 2021).

It seems that there are quite a few people who knew the fact.

The stallions who are in China is Okole Maluna, Seewind and Garibaldi.

Okole Maluna

Of these, the first to go to China was Okole Maluna.  He was exported to the country in March 2018.

Okole Maluna

Born on March 2, 2009

Sire: Deep Impact (JPN) Dam: Rustling Copse (USA)

Dam’s sire: Woodman (USA)

Okole Maluna ran in 36 races and got 4 wins during his active career in Japan.

He finished second three times in races of the 16 million yen-or-less class.

However, he couldn’t win and his best record was to win a race of the 10 million yen-or-less class.

The Chinese name for Okole Maluna is “深度撞擊”.

After he raced as an active horse for a while, he became a stallion.

I have watched a video introducing Okole Maluna who was standing at stud.

He is standing at 新疆恒信馬業倶楽部 in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.

There was an explanation in the video that it was a famous stud.

I searched for their website, but unfortunately, I couldn’t find it.

I don’t know what kind of medium it is, but there was an article introducing that Okole Maluna was the first stallion by Deep Impact who came to China.

This article, dated November 24, 2018, states that he became a stallion after retiring in China in December 2017.

The video carried above mentions that Deep Impact was a Triple Crown horse.

The article also emphasized that Okole Maluna had a good pedigree.

He seems to become a stallion because of his pedigree.


The next horse to go to China was Seewind.  He went there in April 2019.


Born on May 12, 2013

Sire: Deep Impact (JPN) Dam: Silky Lagoon (JPN)

Dam’s sire: Brian’s Time (USA)

Seewind’s record in Japan is 13 races and 4 wins.

He won two group races, the 2016 Radio NIKKEI Sho (GⅢ) and the 2017 Tanabata Sho (GⅢ).

His last race in Japan was the Takarazuka Kinen in 2018.

He seems to have entered the stallion after he raced once in China last August.

He is standing at 奥通馬業有限公司, located in Tongliao City, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.

I could not find the website of this stud, either.

His Chinese name is “奥通王者归来”.

I found an article that seems to have been written by a horse racing fan.

The article stated that Seewind began his career as a stallion this year and that his children will be born next year.

It is also mentioned that he finished fourth in a 2400m race in China on August 22 last year.


Garibaldi moved to China in December 2019.


Born on February 7, 2011

Sire: Deep Impact (JPN) Dam: Shenck (GB)

Dam’s sire: Zafonic (USA)

The record in Japan is 33 races and 6 wins.  He won the 2016 Chukyo Kinen (GIII).

He transferred to a local horse racing organization after running in the 2018 Chukyo Kinen.

His last race in Japan was the one conducted at the Kanazawa Racecourse in March 2019.

He went to China in December 2019.  His Chinese name is “和力神驹”.

He is standing at 和力馬術倶楽部有限公司 in Dingzhou City, Hebei Province.

I could not find the website of this stud, either.

This article, dated June 23, 2021, states that Garibaldi has become a stallion in China.

First, the article introduces Deep Impact.

It also states that Garibaldi was registered as a stallion in China and that his children were born this year.

I found another article on the same date.  This article details the career of Deep Impact.

About Garibaldi, it has almost the same content as the previous article.

I think the previous article is a shortened version of this one.

I also have seen pictures of a racecourse in this area.

It is a fairly large and beautiful racecourse.  Horse racing may be popular in this area.

I have no knowledge of Chinese horse racing, so I’m sorry I can only say this💦

I don’t know what kind of development Chinese horse racing will show in the future.

However, I hope that the three horses that have already moved to China are fine and will be loved for a long time.


*Added on July 22, 2023

Garibaldi’s progeny has won their first victory! !

Jing Cai Ren Sheng, a two-year-old filly, made her debut and won in a 1000m race.

It was held on July 16th at a racecourse in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, China.

The first progeny debuted in May this year.

Three horses have run so far, including the winner this time.

I want them to keep winning more and more.

That’s all for today. See you next time!

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