Children of Deep Impact

Stallions by Deep Impact standing at studs in countries outside Japan

Today, I am going to do a very difficult thing for me.

I am poor at geography, but I am trying to make a summary of the countries where stallions by Deep Impact are now.

These days, I often see the news frequently on twitter that children of stallions by Deep Impact won races held all over the world.

I’m very happy.

It is said that stallions often move, so the following is information just at the present time.

I hope they will be loved for as long as possible in the studs they are in now.

The following is a list of the countries that stallions by Deep Impact are standing in.

Stallions by Deep Impact

1. Sweden:  Barocci, Geniale

2. United Kingdom: Study of Man

3. Ireland: Saxon Warrior

4. France: Martinborough

5. Italy: Albert Dock

6. Turkey: Smart Robin

7. South Africa: Danon Platina

8. India: Fiero

9. China: Okole Maluna, Garibaldi, Seewind

10. Australia: Tosen Stardom, Fierce Impact

11. New Zealand: Staphanos   

12. US: Dowsing

13. Chile: Hiraboku Deep

In this article, I would like to write about stallions in foreign countries, so I will exclude those in Japan. 

In addition to the countries listed above, there was a stallion by Deep Impact standing in the United States.

He could not run in a race or did not perform very well when he was a racehorse.

However, I heard that the owner of a stud liked the pedigree of Sunday Silence very much and made him a stallion.

But unfortunately, I forgot his name and I can’t find out if he is still a stallion .

I haven’t heard any news about him lately.

*Added on May 20, 2021

I recently got information about Dowsing, a stallion by Deep Impact in the US!

Please read  Stallions by Deep Impact standing at studs in countries outside Japan 3 for details.


I introduce stallions in Europe first.


Barocci and Geniale are standing in Sweden.

The profiles of the two horses are as follows:


Born on February 28, 2009

Sire: Deep Impact (JPN) Dam: Bastet (IRE)

Dam’s sire: Giant’s Causeway (USA)


Born on February 7, 2014

Sire: Deep Impact (JPN)  Dam: Sarafina (FR)

Dam’s sire: Refuse To Bend (IRE)


Barocci is standing at Rävdansens Stud

They have their website, but unfortunately I can’t understand the contents as it is written in Swedish.

Barocci is a full brother to Beauty Parlour, the winner of the Poule D’Essai Des Pouliches (French1,000 Guineas).

Beauty Parlour - Memories of Children of Deep Impact 13 Fancy Blue won the French Oaks Last month. She also won the next ...

After running in races in France and the United States, he became a stallion in Sweden.

His first crop made their debut in 2018. I am hearing news about the success of his children.

Stud Fee

2019 3,000 Euro

2020  25,000 SEK (Swedish krona)


Geniale is standing at Scandinavian racehorses.  There are  his cool pictures of  on the website.

Here is their Twitter account.

The website of Decamond Racing also carries his information.

The stud has a website, but unfortunately I couldn’t see it.  So, I linked their Twitter account.

As you know, Geniale moved to France after starting his career as a racehorse in Japan.

Geniale ridden by Jockey Yutaka Take ran in the Prix Messidor (Group 3), his first race in France.

It became a big topic that the horse who was in a lower class in Japan won the graded race in France.

After that, unfortunately he couldn’t win and retired last July.

It was said that he would become a stallion in Germany after he retired.

But, he did not meet the requirements for becoming a stallion in Germany.

So, it was decided he became a sire in Sweden.

Will he start his career as a stallion next year?

I hope that he will have excellent children as Barrocci, his senior in the country does.

*Added on January 4, 2022:

This is the latest video of Geniale shot in the Christmas season in 2021.

Added on November 14, 2021:

There was a new article about Geniale in the Racing Post.

The page was dated October 16th.

I have mixed feelings about this news.

Geniale is said to have become a stallion that collected broodmares most in Sweden this year.

Congratulations so far, but the number is just 36!

In addition to Geniale, there are four sires that have collected double-digit broodmares, but Barocci is not included …

The article said that Most Swedish breeders sent their broodmares to mate with stallions in the United Kingdom, France, Ireland and Germany.

Is that so! I learned about the situation in Sweden for the first time.

It’s a situation that is incomparable to the number of broodmares being collected by popular stallions in Japan.

I hope that Both Barocci and Geniale produce children who will win big races.

If they do so, I think that the number of their children will increase.

I found some interesting information about Barocci and Geniale. If you are interested, please click here


*Added on May 4, 2022

Keefers Salon is a website of Kiefers who was Geniale’s owner when he was active.

His latest information was posted on that site.

According to a column written by a reporter in France, Mr. Yasufumi Sawada,

Geniale is doing well without suffering from the harsh cold of Scandinavia.

He is easy to handle and does not have the roughness seen in some stallions,

and is beloved by the stud staff.

The calmness of the personality is often said in other stallions by Deep Impact.

Best of all, he is loved.

Moreover, the article mentions as follows:

The characteristic of his foals is that many of them have a tall and splendid frame.

Their body width seem to be an average size.

They will become turf horses.

This year is his third year of stallion life in Sweden.

The number of mares who went to him “is predicted to be between 20 and 30”.

Stud Fee

2021  25,000 SEK (Swedish krona)

2022 20,000SEK

United Kingdom

In England, there is Study of Man who won the 2018 French Derby.

The profile of Study of Man is as follows:

Study of Man

Born on April 9, 2015

Sire: Deep Impact (JPN) Dam: Second Happiness (USA)

Dam’s sire: Storm Cat (USA)

Study of Man retired in 2019.

After retiring, he is standing at Lanwades Stud, England.

On the website, you can see the video that he was walking after arriving there.

His body looks relatively solid and strong.

His first crop will be born in 2021. I am looking forward to their future activities.

Added on January 23, 2021:

The Racing Post has news of the birth of his first child.

According to Lanwades Stud where he is standing, he is being supported by several major European breeders.

It means that their mares went to him.

The stud said that Study of Man would become a major asset in the European breeding industry.

I would be happy if that really happened.


Stud Fee

2020 £15,000

2021 £12,500

2022 £12,500


Saxon Warrior, the winner of the English 2000 guineas in 2018 is standing in Ireland.

Saxon Warrior

Born on January 26, 2015

Sire: Deep Impact (JPN) Dam: Maybe (IRE)

Dam’s sire: Galileo (IRE)

Saxon Warrior also won the Racing Post Trophy in 2017 and had two wins in Group 1 races.

He retired after running in a race in September 2018 and became a stallion at Coolmore Stud in Ireland .

A video introducing him as a stallion is posted on the Coolmore Stud website, and you can see his race footage.

Photos posted on the website are all cool. It seems like spending money by using a good photographer.

His first crop was born this year.

A filly out of Well Away was listed on the Select Sale in Japan and was sold for 41 million yen.

Saxon Warrior has been to Australia as a shuttle stallion and visited the country this year, too.

Al Ain who was standing in Japan was also scheduled to be shuttled to Australia.

But, it was canceled due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection.

I think Saxon Warrior could go there because there was also a Coolmore stud in the country.

Regarding Saxon Warrior’s first crop, Coolmore often announces the news that his children was sold at a high price on sale.

On their website, they give the following comment:

His first yearlings sold for ¥190,000,000, ¥90,000,000, €540,000, €370,000, 325,000gns, 300,000gns,

€270,000, 205,000gns, €200,000, €160,000, €125,000, 120,000gns, 115,000gns, 115,000gns, 105,000gns, €100,000 etc.

His children were also sold at a high price in the Select Sale of Japan.


*Added on April 5, 2022

A child of an expected stallion, Saxon Warrior has finally made his debut!

The first colt, SER SED won his first race.  It was a 1100m race in France.

In other words, it means that it was the first start, first win for the entire children of the sire.

Saxon Warrior got off to a great start as a stallion.  I wish him more and more success.


*Added on April 29, 2022

Saxon Warrior seems to stay in Australia as a shuttle stallion in 2022, too.

This is the fourth consecutive year since 2019.

This year’s stud fee is A $ 19,250.

Last year it was A $ 13,750, so it went up quite a bit.

As of April 29, his two children have debuted.

As I wrote earlier, one of them won.

I don’t think it’s the stage where the fee will increase due to the performance of his children.

But I think he is in demand in Australia.


*Added on September 21, 2022

On September 17, Victoria Road, a 2-year-old colt by Saxon Warrior, won a group race for the first time🎉

It is also the first group race victory for the sire.

Victoria Road won in the Prix de Condé, a GIII race held at Chantilly in France.

It was an 1800m race.

So far, 14 colts and fillies by Saxon Warrior have won.

They have won in Great Britain, Ireland, France, Spain and Turkey.

In Australia, the sire’s progeny is scheduled to debut soon, and further success is expected.

Stud Fee


2019 €30,000

2020 €27,500

2021 €20,000

2022 €20,000

・Australia (as a shuttle stallion)

2019 30,000 AUD

2020 17,600 AUD

2021 13,750 AUD

2022 19,250 AUD


There is Martinborough in France.


Born on August 2, 2009

Sire: Deep Impact (JPN) Dam: Halwa Song (USA)

Dam’s sire: Nureyev (USA)

He has two wins in Group 3 races, the Chunichi Shimbun Hai and the Niigata Kinen.

He retired after running in a race in November 2016 and moved to France to become a stallion.

He is standing at Haras de Grandcamp stud.

His first crop made their debut this year. I’ve heard news of their success.

He reminds me of his full brother, Frere Jacques.

He was one of the first crop sired by Deep Impact and regrettably died due to a breakdown in a race.

I want Martinborough to do his best in France, even for his brother.


* Added on April 29, 2022

Martinborough’s child won a listed obstacle race in France!!

It was the first win in flat and obstacle listed races for the stallion.

The winner was Le Garlaban, a 4-year-old gelding.

Martinborough’s children were struggling in flat races, but some horses won in obstacles.

Obstacle races are popular in Europe.

I hope he will establish himself as a stallion that is strong in the races.


*Added on May 29, 2022 

Martinborough’s colt (or filly) won a group race for the first time in Libya, a country in North Africa!

AL MONTASIR won the Al Jade Cup, a 3-year-old local GII on May 7🎉

It was a dirt 1600m race.


AL MONTASIR was born in Libya.

So, it seems that his dam moved to the country after conception.

It was confirmed that there is at least one more horse by Martinborough in Libya.

His (or her) name is WASFAH. He was also born in the country.

His dam is LADY VERDE(FR). The dam’s sire is MESHAHEER.

In March, he ran in the same race as AL MONTASIR and finished 4th.

Libya has just finished the civil war two years ago.

However, when you watch the video of the race event, there is an atmosphere that the whole country is going to liven up horse racing.

It was very interesting.

I hope to see that Martinborough’s children will win group races in France, which is his base.

Stud Fee

2017 €4,000

2019 €4,000

2020 €4,000

2021, 2022 €3,000


There is Albert Dock in Italy.

Albert Dock

Born on January 21, 2012

Sire:Deep Impact (JPN)  Dam: Golden Dock A (USA)

Dam’s sire: Unusual Heat (USA)

Albert Dock won two Group 3 races, the Kokura Daishoten and the Tanabata-sho like Martinbourough introduced in the above.

He retired after running in a race September 2016.  Then, he moved to Italy to become a stallion.

He is standing at Società Agricola di Besnate stud. He arrived in the country in 2018.  His first crop will make their debut in 2021.

I’ve heard news that horse racing in Italy is not going well, but is the situation getting better now?


*Added on May 4, 2022

Albert Dock’s first crop is now three years old.

I heard that there were only 15 horses in this generation.

However, two powerful horses have come out!


He won the Premio Botticelli, a listed race on April 24th.

This is the first listed race victory for Albert Dock.

The Premio Botticelli is a prep race for the Italian Derby.

TEMPESTI, who has won four straight races, will head to Derby as a strong candidate.

And another leading horse, TRAMAGLINO.

He finished second in the Premio Emmanuel Philiberto, a prep race for the Derby on May 1st.

He will also go to the Derby.

Seeing their performances, the Italian media said that Albert Dock will become busy.

I would be happy if it really happened.

And I can’t help but look forward to the result of the Italian Derby!

As I do in Japanese classic races.


*Added on May 29, 2022

Italian Derby (GII) was held on May 22nd.

Fifteen horses entered the race.

Three colts by Albert Dock including TEMPESTI, which I wrote above, ran in the race.

The only horses who were bred in Italy were these three horses by Albert Dock .

The other horses were foreign ones.

The winner was ARDAKAN, who had traveled from Germany.

TEMPESTI was unfortunately the second place.

I said “unfortunately”, but I think this was the race that he could won.

Some people said that they remembered ORFEVRE who ran in the Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe for the first time.

As for the other colts by Albert Dock, LOHENGRIN, who ran in Derby without winning, finished 5th.

TRAMAGLINO, who was 2nd in a prep race, was 10th.

Certainly they couldn’t win.

But I think it was possible to appeal Albert Dock to Italian breeders by their run.

Thinking that way, I am comforting myself.

Stud Fee

2018 €4,000

2019 €4,000

2020 €4,000

2021 €3,500

2022 €3,000

Actually, I wanted to write an article about stallions overseas, but it has become too long. 

So I’ll stop here. I will write more later!

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