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Hello. I’m Susie.

I first learned about a horse called Deep Impact on a news program of NHK, Japanese national TV that was reporting the final training of the Kikuka Sho.

The Kikuka Sho is the race that is called Japanese St. Leger.

Then, he planned to run in the race to achieve the title of “Undefeated Triple Crown”.

I watched a NHK special program about him that was broadcasted after the race and became obsessed with his charm.

I had seen big races on TV several times before, and I knew little about horse racing.

After knowing him, I was able to learn about the world of horse racing by reading sports newspapers and horse racing magazines as well as by watching racing programs.

I think Deep Impact is a horse that God has chosen from his own horses and sent to the ground to entertain us.

He has gone on a journey, but his great achievements and charms haven’t diminished.

Using this blog, I want to create my own monument of Deep Impact in the world of the internet.

I will write articles not only about Deep Impact, but also about activities and memories of his children.

I hope his fans will enjoy reading this blog.


The images of Deep Impact posted on this blog have been used with the permission of the Twitter account, @sushikamechan.

I was happy to be able to post these images.

Thank you so much!

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