Children of Deep Impact

Number of winners of grade races overseas by Deep Impact has reached 20!

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Progeny of Deep Impact have won numerous GI races and major group races overseas.

They also achieve victory every year.

*Last update: June 10, 2023

Wins in group races: 12 consecutive years from 2012

Wins in GⅠ races:  10 consecutive years from 2014

Today, I will summarize the data just for your information.

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Countries and places where children of Deep Impact won graded races

First, below is a list of countries where his children have won graded races.


List of the places
  1. Ireland
  2. United Kingdom
  3. France
  4. Dubai
  5. Hong Kong
  6. Japan
  7. Australia
  8. United States

As I said before, in short, they are the places where big races overseas are held.

Children of Deep Impact who won big races overseas

The following is a list of his children who have won the world’s GI and graded races as of November 27, 2023.

28 children of Deep Impact won GI and graded races overseas

9 foreign horses

5 GI winners  

Study of Man, Beauty Parlour, Fancy Blue, Profondo

Auguste Rodin

4 winners in graded races

Bartaba, Harajuku, Drumroll, Muramasa

19 Japanese horses

13 GI winners 

Vivlos, A Shin Hikari, Glory Vase, Saxon Warrior

Gentildonna, Tosen Stardom, Fierce Impact

Real Impact, Real Steel, Loves Only You

Snowfall, Shahryar, Glint Of Hope

6 winners in graded races

Akihiro (renamed Stimulation), Aquamarine, Kizuna,

Geniale, Savarin, Makahiki

Number of wins in GⅠ and graded races overseas 49

Victories in GⅠraces 33
Victories in graded races  16

Year-by-year winners of major overseas races

Below is a list of winners by year. The horses written in red are GI winners.

Beauty Parlour, Aquamarine   



A Shin Hikari, Real Impact

Real Steel, A Shin Hikari

Stimulation, Makahiki

Vivlos, Tosen Stardom

Saxon Warrior

Saxon Warrior, Study OF Man

Bartaba, Fierce Impact

Fierce Impact, Glory Vase


Fancy Blue, Fierce Impact

Loves Only You, Harajuku

SnowfallProfondo, Glory Vase

Shahryar, Glint Of Hope, Auguste Rodin


Drumroll, Auguste Rodin, Muramasa

It was only 2013 that children of Deep Impact could not win GI races overseas during the above period.

Gentildonna went to Dubai for the first time and finished second in the year.

When I think about it now, it was regrettable in terms of records.

If Kizuna also won the Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe, the record was set.

However, the winners in the races were strong, so they couldn’t help it.

Number of wins by country

The number of wins by country is as follows.


GⅠ: 3  Graded race: 3 win  Total: 6 wins


GⅠ: 4  Graded: 9  Total: 13

U. K.

GⅠ: 7  Graded: 1  Total: 8


G: 8  Graded: 3  Total: 11


GⅠ: 4  Total: 4

Hong Kong

GⅠ: 5  Total: 5

United States

GⅠ: 2  Total: 2

There are many winners in France as I expected.

Both Japanese horses and the one bred overseas won graded races there.

Other records

From here, I will write other detailed records.

Awards received overseas

Japan has an award system for the horse of the year, but it also exists overseas.

Here, I will summarize the awards that Deep Impact offspring have received overseas.

Fierce Impact  The 2019/20 Champion Middle Distance Horse of the Year award (Australia.  Regal Power also received the prize.)

Snowfall The Cartier Three-Year-Old Filly award 2021

Loves Only You The Eclipse Award for Female Turf Horse 2021

Auguste Rodin The 2023 Horse of the Year (Ireland)

I found it surprising that Snowfall and Loves Only You won the awards in the same year.

It hasn’t been that long though.

I would be happy if Deep Impact offspring received more awards.

The first overseas group race winner

Beauty Parlor was the first daughter of Deep Impact who won a group race  overseas.

She won the Prix de la Grotte (GIII) in France on April 15, 2012.

About two weeks later, Aquamarine won the Prix Allez France (GⅢ).

Beauty Parlor is also the first GI winner.

She won the Poule d’Essai des Pouliches at the Longchamp Racecourse in France On May 13, 2012.

The race is also called the French 1000 Guineas.

Her achievements are really great.

Beauty Parlour - Memories of Children of Deep Impact 13 Fancy Blue won the French Oaks Last month. She also won the next ...

Horses that have won multiple times

The following is the horses who have won GI or group races overseas multiple times.

Beauty Parlour, Fancy Blue, Saxon Warrior, Fierce Impact

Tosen Stardom, A Shin Hikari, Snowfall, Loves Only You

Glory Vase, Auguste Rodin, Muramasa

Among them, the horses shown below won GI races multiple times.

Fancy Blue, Saxon Warrior, Fierce Impact

Tosen Stardom, A Shin Hikari, Snowfall, Loves Only You

Glory Vase, Auguste Rodin

Auguste Rodin won GI races most.  He won five GI races.

Fierce Impact, Snowfall and Loves Only You achieved victory in three GI races.

It’s really amazing that Loves Only You accomplished the result even though she belonged to a stable in Japan.

Moreover, it was the result of her moving from place to place.

A demon in races overseas

This is limited to Japanese horses, but I dedicate the title of “a demon in races overseas” to Vivlos.

ヴィブロス 思い出のディープインパクト産駒 その15このブログに移ってきて、記念すべき最初の記事はヴィブロスを取り上げます。 ヴィブロスって、現役の時はそれほど思わなかったんですけど...

A Shin Hikari was also strong overseas, but I wonder if his achievement cannot match the one of Vivlos.

It is interesting that there are horses who can obtain better results overseas than they can do in Japan.


Although there are only a few generations left, I hope that children of Deep Impact will win as many major races as possible overseas.

Click here for details on each horse↓

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