Children of Deep Impact

Children of Deep Impact who won in GI and Graded Races Overseas 3

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Today, I would like to introduce children of Deep Impact who won the world’s GⅠ and graded races.


Children of Deep Impact who won in GI and Graded Races Overseas Today, I would like to introduce children of Deep Impact who hav...
Children of Deep Impact who won in GI and Graded Races Overseas 2 Continuing from the previous article, I would like to introduce ...
Children of Deep Impact who won in GI and Graded Races Overseas 4 So far, I have introduced children of Deep Impact who have won t...
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Countries and places where children of Deep Impact won graded races

First, below is a list of countries where his children have won graded races.


List of the places
  1. Ireland
  2. United Kingdom
  3. France
  4. Dubai
  5. Hong Kong
  6. Japan
  7. Australia
  8. United States

As I said before, in short, they are the places where big races overseas are held.

Children of Deep Impact who won big races overseas

The following is a list of his children who have won the world’s GI and graded races as of October 19, 2023.

As of October 19, 2023

28 children of Deep Impact won GI and graded races overseas


9 foreign horses

5 GI winners  

Study of Man, Beauty Parlour, Fancy Blue, Profondo

Auguste Rodin

4 winners in a graded race

Bartaba, Harajuku, Drumroll, Muramasa 

19 Japanese horses

13 GI winners 

Vivlos, A Shin Hikari, Glory Vase, Saxon Warrior

Gentildonna, Tosen Stardom, Fierce Impact

Real Impact, Real Steel, Loves Only You

Snowfall, Shahryar, Glint Of Hope

6 winners in graded races

Akihiro (renamed Stimulation), Aquamarine, Kizuna, Geniale, Savarin, Makahiki,

This time, I would like to introduce Japanese horses who have run mainly in Japan.

In short, they are the horses who went to foreign countries and won races there.

First of all, from horses that won GI races overseas.

The order of introduction is in the order of Aiueo, the Japanese alphabet and there is no particular meaning in the order.

Japanese horses who have run mainly in the country

The mark 👑 in front of names shows that the horses are winners of GⅠ races overseas.

Today I would like to introduce four horses, all of which have won overseas GI races.

👑 Vivlos


Race she won: Dubai Turf 2017 (GⅠ)

The Dubai Turf in 2017 is the only race that she went abroad and won.  It was her first race in a country outside Japan.

Jockey Moreira rode very well in this race, and I thought he was really outstanding.

You may think that Vivlos was able to win the race because the jockey rode her.

However, please see below.

2018, 2019 Dubai Turf  Second place

2018 Hong Kong Mile  Second place

She ran overseas in the above four races only.

In other words, she won or finish second in all the races!!

During this time, she ran in the Nakayama Kinen and the Tenno Sho Autumn in Japan and finished in 8th place.

The other two races in Japan were also 4th and 5th.

Foreign jockeys rode her in all the four overseas races, but jockeys were different in the races.

2018 Dubai Turf Jockey Christian Demuro
2018 Hong Kong Mile Jockey Buick
2019 Dubai Turf Jockey Barzalona

What I want to say is that her good runs abroad are not just due to Jockey Moreira.

In the Dubai Turf, she won or finished second for three consecutive years.

So, I can’t deny that the racecourse suited her.

But even in Hong Kong, she was in second place …

Vivlos was a small horse and her maximum weight was 440 kg when she was active.

I assumed she would not be able to run well in foreign countries as she was small.

I thought she would lose her appetite when she was transported overseas.

However, she achieved such good results abroad.

I would like to ask her why she was so strong overseas.

ヴィブロス 思い出のディープインパクト産駒 その15このブログに移ってきて、記念すべき最初の記事はヴィブロスを取り上げます。 ヴィブロスって、現役の時はそれほど思わなかったんですけど...


👑 A Shin Hikari

Races he won: Hong Kong Cup 2015 (GⅠ)、Prix d’Ispahan 2016 (GⅠ)

Vivlos and A Shin Hikari … They are unique horses.

I wonder if such distinctive characters are needed to win big races overseas.

Jockey Yutaka Take had rode him since the Miyakooji Stakes in May 2015 when he was active.

For this reason, the jockey rode him in both of the two races that he won overseas.

Vivlos won the Shuka Sho (GⅠ) in Japan, but A Shin Hikari couldn’t win a GI race in the country.

I didn’t honestly feel that he could run well in Europe as he was a front-runner, although he might be able to achieve a different result in Hong Kong.

So, when I heard that he would go to Europe, I thought, “Why bother?”

Yes, it was me who was wrong. I still remember his strong win in the Prix d’Ispahan.

He could not come to top places in the next race, the Prince of Wales Stakes (GI) of Royal Ascot, although he was a favorite then.

The ground was so heavy due to consecutive rain.

He participated in the Hong Kong Cup again in 2016, but he could not come to top places.

He retired after the race.

However, I think the record of 4 starts and 2 wins in the races overseas are good enough.

After retiring, he became a stallion in Japan, and his children are running well.

With such good results overseas, I sometimes wonder what it would have been like for him to be a stallion overseas.

It would be fun if some of his children would succeed overseas.

エイシンヒカリ 思い出のディープインパクト産駒 その5今日取り上げるディープ産駒はエイシンヒカリ。今思うと、エイシンヒカリも個性的な馬でしたね。 上の写真は、武騎手のデビュー30周年を...


👑 Glory Vase

Race he won: Hong Kong Vase 2019 and 2021 (GⅠ)

He is the only horse who is still active as a racehorse among the horses I introduce today. He turned 6 years old this year.

This is the first time I’ve covered him in this blog, so I’ll write his profile.

Glory Vase

Born on March 2, 2015

Sire: Deep Impact (JPN) Dam: Mejiro Tsubone (JPN)

Dam’s sire: Swept Overboard (USA)

Owner: Silk Racing

Trainer: Tomohito Ozeki

Lifetime record: 13 starts for 5 wins

Main races he won: Hong Kong Vase 2019 (GⅠ)、Nikkei Shinsyun Hai 2019 (GⅡ), Kyoto Daishoten 2020 (GⅡ)

As you know, Glory Vase has not yet won a GI race in Japan.

Given that he is 6 years old this year, I don’t think he has much time left.

However, I hope he will manage to win a GI race in Japan as well.

It was Jockey Moreira who rode him in the Hong Kong Vase. He was amazing as expected.

Lucky Lilac, who retired the other day, finished second in this race, three and a half lengths behind the winner.

Among many children of Deep Impact, A Shin Hikari has won the highest international rating of 129.

Glory Vase received the second highest rating of 125. I think that the Hong Kong Vase race was highly evaluated.

During the race, Jockey Moreira was wearing a camera, so we are able to watch such a valuable video↓


He ran in three races only in 2020 and was decided not to run in the Arima Kinen.

I hope that he will be in good physical condition this year and win races.

*Added on December 17, 2021

Glory Vase also won the 2021 Hong Kong Vase🎉 Click here on the details.

👑 Gentildonna


Race she won: Dubai Sheema Classic 2014 (GI)

The great thing about Gentildonna is that her win in the race is just one of her great achievements.

After winning the Japan Cup at the age of three, she traveled overseas for the first time in the following year.

She ran in the same race, the Dubai Sheema Classic, but she finished second.

The winner, St Nicholas Abbey was strong.

However, she went overseas and ran in a night race for the first time then.

According to her trainer, she did not seem to fully understand that she ran in a race on the day.

However, in the following year, both her connections and she herself were firmly determined to win and participated in the same race.

Jocky Moore rode her then.

It was said that Magician trained by Aidan O’Brien was a strong rival.

I was impressed by the comment of Naohiro Goda, who explained in the race broadcast on the Green Channel,

“I want Moore to do something about it.”

That’s because the jockey rode Magician and won the Breeders’ Cup Turf before this race.

He knew his characteristics well.

And, as Mr. Goda said, the jockey managed to do it!

He changed the course boldly in the home straight where their path in the front was blocked and there was nothing they could do.

Gentildonna immediately followed his instruction and pierced through to finish first. It was great. I was so excited.

She retired after winning the Arima Kinen this year, so It was only the two races abroad that she ran in.

The results of second and first place in the big overseas race , Dubai Sheema Classic are still wonderful.

She has won seven GIs.

It’s amazing that she won big GI races that male horses also ran in, except for the three races that were only for fillies.

ジェンティルドンナ 思い出のディープインパクト産駒その2Image by Pexels from Pixabay 先日、たくさんいるディープ産駒のなかでも一番好きなのはハープスター☆だと...


So far, I have introduced the four Japanese horses by Deep Impact who have won GI races overseas.

Every horse was unique and I enjoyed writing.

Next time will be the last, but I will continue to introduce his children who won overseas grade races.

Children of Deep Impact who won in GI and Graded Races Overseas Today, I would like to introduce children of Deep Impact who hav...
Children of Deep Impact who won in GI and Graded Races Overseas 2 Continuing from the previous article, I would like to introduce ...
Children of Deep Impact who won in GI and Graded Races Overseas 4 So far, I have introduced children of Deep Impact who have won t...
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