Children of Deep Impact

Children of Deep Impact who won in GI and Graded Races Overseas

Today, I would like to introduce children of Deep Impact who have won major races overseas including Group 1’s .

I will focus on graded races because there are too many.

In this blog, I write memories of Deep Impact and his children.

It seems that visitors to this site are interested in the achievements overseas, probably because they are familiar with their activities in Japan.

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I hope you enjoy reading this article as well!

Countries and places where children of Deep Impact won graded races

First of all, I would like to introduce the countries and places where his children have won graded races so far.


List of the places
  1. Ireland
  2. United Kingdom
  3. France
  4. Dubai
  5. Hong Kong
  6. Japan
  7. Australia

I wonder if I needed to write this list💦, but in short, they are the places where internationally renowned races are held.

Personally, I’m sorry that they haven’t won a graded race in the United States.

Will they be able to win a big race there with only a few generations left?


Children of Deep Impact who won big races overseas

From here, I will introduce children of Deep Impact who won major races in the world.

I will describe foreign horses and Japanese horses separately.

You may be suprised to know that a horse was actually born in Japan.

I was also researching and thought, “what? Was that so?” several times.

First of all, I will show you the list.

Please note that the list is just the results of overseas races.

For example, Kizuna is of course a GI horse.

However, since he did not win an GI race overseas, he is called a “winner of a graded race” here.

The horses are arranged in the order of Aiueo, Japanese alphabetical order.


As of August 1, 2021

22 children of Deep Impact won GI and graded races overseas


5 foreign horses

3 GI winners  

Study of Man, Beauty Parlour, Fancy Blue

Two winners in a graded race

Bartaba, Harajuku

17 Japanese horses

11 GI winners 

Vivlos, A Shin Hikari, Glory Vase, Saxon Warrior

Gentildonna, Tosen Stardom, Fierce Impact

Real Impact, Real Steel, Loves Only You


6 winners in graded races

Akihiro (renamed Stimulation), Aquamarine, Kizuna, Geniale, Savarin, Makahiki

Foreign horses

Now, let me introduce you to foreign horses.

The mark 👑 in front of names shows that the horses are winners of GⅠ races overseas.

👑 Beauty Parlour (GB)


Races she won: Poule d’Essai des Pouliches 2012 (GⅠ)in France

Prix ​​de la Grotte (GⅢ)

Beauty parlour is one of the second crop sired by Deep Impact.

The achievements of this horse are indispensable when talking about the success of Deep Impact as a stallion.

Later, mares owned by well-known foreign breeders were sent to Japan for mating with him.

She was the trigger for this move.

Thanks to her early victory in the French Classic race, the excellence of Deep Impact as a sire was conveyed to foreign people.

By the way, Poule d’Essai des Pouliches is a 1,600m race and is also called the French 1000 Guineas.

It is a race that corresponds to the Oka Sho in Japan.

For more information on Beauty parlour, please see the following page.

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👑 Study of Man (IRE)


Races he won: Prix du Jockey Club 2018 (GⅠ) in France

Prix ​​Greffulhe (GⅡ)

The Prix du Jockey Club in France is a race sometimes called the French Derby.

Study of Man won the race in 2018.

In 2018, Wagnerian won the Japanese Derby and Saxon Warrior, the 2000 Guineas in the United Kingdom.

I remember I was very excited at their victories in Classic races for colts in the three countries.

Study of Man is a horse produced by the Niarchos family, a leading European owner.

Their mare called Second Happiness who was in Japan went to Deep Impact and he was born.

The pedigree of dam’s sire being Storm Cat and granddam being Miesque is the same as Real Steel, which will be introduced later.

He retired in 2019 and became a stallion at the Lanwades Stud, England.

This article also writes about him.

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👑  Fancy Blue (IRE)


Races she won: Prix de Diane 2020 (GⅠ) in France

Nassau Stakes (GI) in Britain

When I try to write about Fancy Blue, I still feel sorry for her.

She was forced to retire at the age of three due to an injury during training after running in six races.

She achieved outstanding results of 4 wins, a second place and a third place.

A filly by Deep Impact that achieves such results in major races in Europe are really valuable, as the number of his children there is small.

Fancy Blue is a horse produced by Coolmore, one of the world’s leading thoroughbred business groups.

They sent their mare, Chenchikova to Japan to mate with Deep Impact.

Naohiro Goda explained about the dam of Fancy Blue in a broadcast program on the Green Channel.

I forgot whether it was in a program reporting the Nassau Stakes or the France Oaks.

I heard that Chenchikova stayed in Japan for only about half a year.

Does it mean that she returned to Ireland as soon as she became able to move after she visited Deep Impact and her conception was confirmed?

It was Fancy Blue who Chenchikova gave birth to after her returning to the country.

The Prix de Diane is also known as the French Oaks.

Beauty Parlour ran in the race in 2012 and was unfortunately in second place, so I was very happy when Fancy Blue won.

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After the Prix de Diane, she ran in the Nassau Stakes that was open to filles and mares only.

This is not a race that only fillies participate in, but the one in which older horses also run.

Deirdre, a Japanese horse who had been staying in Europe for a long time, and Magic Wand, who ran in races around the world, also participated in the race.

There were strong opponents, but Fancy Blue made the best use of the difference in weight and finished in first place.

I was really impressed!

However, it was regrettably decided that she would retire after finishing third in the next race, the Matron Stakes💧.

It was at least lucky that her injury was not life-threatening. I have no choice but to look forward to the success of her children.

Bartaba (FR)


Race she won: Prix Belle de Nuit 2018 (GⅢ) in France 

This is the first time I’ve covered her in this blog, so I’ll write her profile.


Born on February 24, 2015

Sire: Deep Impact (JPN) Dam: Baahama (IRE)

Dam’s sire: Anabaa (USA)

Owner: Wertheimer & Frere Trainer: André Fabre

Lifetime record: 12 starts for 4 wins

The Prix Belle de Nuit is a 1 mile 6 furlong (2,800m) race.

Many of the children of Deep Impact who won in foreign countries ran in middle distance races, from 1,600 to 2,000m.

So when Baltaba came out, I was really looking forward to seeing her success in long distance races.

Her owners, the Wertheimer brothers are also the owners of the famous brand, Chanel.

They are also horse owners.

Shortly after Deep Impact became a stallion, they sent their mare to Japan for mating with him.

Only Bartaba and Akihiro (sold later), who I will introduce later, won graded races among their horses by Deep Impact.

Bartaba is 5 years old this year. She hasn’t run since the race last August.

There seems to be no record of becoming a mare.  Is she still active as a racehorse?

Harajuku (IRE)

*This section was added on May 4, 2021.

Race she won: Prix Cleopatre 2021 (GⅢ)

The week after Loves Only You won a GI race in Hong Kong, the good news came again!

Harajuku won the Prix Cleopatre (GⅢ) held at Saint-Cloud Racecourse on May 1st!

This is the first time I’ve covered her in this blog, so I’ll write her profile.


Born on February 23, 2018

Sire: Deep Impact (JPN) Dam: Phaenomena (IRE)

Dam’s sire: Galileo (IRE)

Owner: Flaxman Stables Ireland Ltd

Trainer: André Fabre

Lifetime record (as of May 4, 2021): 5 starts for 2 wins

Harajuku debuted in July 2020.

She won her maiden brilliantly and gave us great expectations for her future.

However, she couldn’t get the results expected after that.

I started to wonder if it would be difficult for her to run well in Classic races.

But, she won the Prix Cleopatre with a powerful run.

The Prix Cleopatre is a 2100m race.

I hope that she will get a good result in the Prix de Diane at Chantilly Racecourse on June 20th, following last year’s winner, Fancy Blue.

The breeder of Harajuku is the Niarchos family. It’s the same as Study Of Man.

I’m really grateful that such a big owner continued to produce children of Deep Impact.

Harajuku is only 3 years old. I’m looking forward to seeing her continued success in the future.


Looking at these results, I found there were many wins in France. Racecourses there may suit their characteristics.

That’s all for today, and I’ll tell you about the rest of the horses at a later date!

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